Zubair Name Meaning and Origin

What Does Zubair mean?

Zubair is a Muslim Boy Name. Zubair name meaning is Strong, firm, powerful, intelligent, wise (بہادر,مظبوط). It is originating from the Arabic language. On this page, you will get all the related information about the name Zubair like Name Number, Lucky Color, and Impression, etc.

A general assessment of the Personality and Passion of people with the name Zubair is also mentioned below. Astrological or Horoscopic Facts are very popular these days. The Ruling Planet and Life stone of the name Zubair are also listed below in the table.

Zubair name Summary

Zubair name meaning is discussed here briefly. Also, the passion of the Zubair name meaning is also mentioned here.

Name: ZubairZubair Name Origin: Arabic
Zubair Name MeaningZubair name meaning is Strong, firm, powerful, intelligent, wise (بہادر,مظبوط).
Name/Density NumberNumber 5 Surprising Facts
Lucky ColorBlue
Life StoneDiamond, Zircon
Passion of LifeHighly adaptable and versatile.
Ruling PlanetMercury

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Numerology of the name Zubair

Numerology Table Chart
It is the framework of your personality. This Numerology Chart shows the basic information about who you are and why you have come to this world.

Numerology is the study of the mystical relationship between our life and numbers. These numbers can be used to evaluate personality, life, and even predict someone’s future. Zubair name meaning numerology is calculated below:

Name Number or Destiny Number:

Name Number is derived from all the letters of your name.

ZUBAIR = 8 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 9 = 32 = 3 + 2 = 5

Describes our character and inner strength.
5 = Smartness, curiosity, willingness to accept changes.

Soul urge number or Heart’s desire: 

The soul urge number is derived from the vowels of your name.

UAI = 3 + 1 + 9 = 13 = 1 + 3 = 4

Describes our inner ideals and hidden desires.
4 = The desire for stability, order, responsibility, and stable background.

Personality number: 

The personality number is derived from the consonants of your name.

ZBR = 8 + 2 + 9 = 19 = 1 + 9 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1

Describes the real value of our character.
1 = Trying to be useful, make decisions, and lead others.

Personality of the name Zubair

In Alphabetical OR Letter Analysis of the name Zubair, you will get all the characteristics of every single alphabet or letter in the name Zubair. In Zubair name meaning; Alphabetical OR Letter Analysis provides a very deep study of the name’s personality. We hope you enjoy it.

LettersCharacteristics of Zubair Name Meaning
ZYou are a successful person when it comes to education. Z’s like reading books or articles. You are very interested in science.
UYou always want to stay calm & do what you slowly do, one by one.
BYou have an energetic vision for the future. You observe things with extreme hope and you hold on your hope & never let it go.
AYour sense of analyzing life is very stronger and you are a reasonable person too.
IYou are the most sensitive & emotional person. You can be easily hurt by someone.
RYou are an indecisive person or you will be in the future. Even you can’t decide what to eat and what to not! Hesitation is an essential part of your life.

History of Zubair Name Meaning

Zubayr ibn al-Awam (Arabic: al-Zubayr al-‘Awaman al-Awwamenkhwild; 594-656) was a cousin and companion of the Prophet Muhammad and was among the first people to believe in Islam. He was also one of the ten companions who were promised Paradise. After the death of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, he became one of the political and military leaders of the community. Zubair was killed in the camel battle.

He was among the first of the fifteen immigrants to Abyssinia in 615 and returned there in 616. In Abyssinia, he broke out against Nigus (the king). Nigus met the rebels on the banks of the Nile. The Muslims were so worried about losing their mother-in-law, they commissioned al-Zubayr as a news reporter. With the help of the swollen skin, he swam toward the Nile until he reached the site of the battle. He kept watching until he defeated the rebel Negus and then returned to the Muslims. He waved his clothes and ran over and said: “Hula Negus, God opened, destroyed the enemy, and set him up in his land!” The Muslims were very happy.

Al-Zubayr joined the general migration to Medina in 622. At first, he lived with Al-Mundhir bin Muhammad. It is controversial that those who became the “brothers” of al-Zubayr in Islam: the different traditional names are Abdullah bin Masoud, Talha bin Ubaid Allah, Kaab bin Malik, and Salama bin Salama. Muhammad gave him a large plot of land to build a house for and he gave him some palm trees. In the year 625, the Zubayr were granted more palm trees on the land of the expelled Nadir tribe.

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