Bengali Names with Meaning

Are you looking for a perfect Bengali Name for your Newborn Baby? Here you can find all the perfect Bengali Names with Meaning for your beloved child.

ChittaranjanBoyOne who please the Mind
GautamBoyA Saint
IndiraniGirlConsort of Indira
JayantaBoyVictorious in the End
LokeshBoyLord Brahma

Bengali Names include names and titles made up of one or more Bengali-speaking countries. Sexuality is usually given specifically. The name is commonly quoted in the Western Order of Names. Check out the Bengali Names list now.

Personal names usually depend on the religion of the individual and may originate in other languages such as Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, and Pali but are spoken in the local Bengali language. Bengali Baby Names sound sweet. Here is a List of Unique and Beautiful Bengali Names for Newborn Babies with their meanings at

ব্যক্তিগত নামে এক বা একাধিক বাংলাভাষী দেশ নিয়ে গঠিত নাম এবং শিরোনাম অন্তর্ভুক্ত। যৌনতা সাধারণত নির্দিষ্ট দেওয়া হয়। নামটি ওয়েস্টার্ন অর্ডার অফ নেম, নামে সাধারণত উদ্ধৃত করা হয়। ব্যক্তিগত নামগুলি সাধারণত ব্যক্তির ধর্মের উপর নির্ভর করে এবং এটি আরবি, ফারসি, সংস্কৃত এবং পালি হিসাবে অন্যান্য ভাষায় উদ্ভূত হতে পারে তবে স্থানীয় বাংলা ভাষায় উচ্চারিত হয়।

First Name

There are two given names: “Good Name” (Bhalo Nam), which is used on all legal documents, and a “name call” or “nickname” (nickname đak Nam), which is used by the family members and close friends.

The two names may or may not be fairly related; For example, a person by the name of Uman Saha (Suman Saha) may be called by his name (such as Bubai Bubai) at home and his good name (Oman Suman) elsewhere. Many people have a short version of their good name in addition to their full name and nickname (like Deepu for Deepak, Faroo for Farhana, etc.).

Middle Bengali Names

Although the middle names are common in Bangladesh, each person has a name. Recently, many people have begun to add to them the nickname “Saifuddin Kanchan Chowdhury” (such names are the middle or after their full official name, Saifuddin Kanchan Chowdhury, where the “Saifuddin” people will be Bhalo Nam, “Kanchan” his nickname,  And “Chowdhury” will be his family name. “Saifuddin Kanchan Chowdhury” can also be nicknamed “Saifuddin Chowdhury Kanchan”, depending on the person’s choice of how he displays their name. In this case, the person will be correctly directed to “Mr. Chowdhury” instead of “Mr. Kanchan”.

Bengali Family Names

Most people in Bangladesh are followers of Islam and this is why they use the names of most Arabic sources followed by Persian, Bengali and Pali sources. There are various naming conventions among the Muslims of Bangladesh. There is no fixed plan for the name structure. Many people don’t really use family names, so family members can have different names.

There were very beautiful Bengali Names. Bengal is located in the sub-continent of South Asia, with an estimated population of more than 174 million Bengalis, West Bengal is part of the Indian state and East Bengal is the Bay of Bengal. Bangladesh is a combination of two words: Bengali and shower, which means the land spoken by Bengali as an official language.

Two major rivers, Brahmaputra and Ganges, cross the heart of this region.
Religion More than 60 percent of Bengal is Sunni and another 40% belong to Hindus living mainly in West Bengal India.

If you are looking for unique and rare Bangladeshi baby names to make a great choice for your newborn baby, respect the gentle baby by naming a sweet Bengali name that affects the good characters, the beauty of nature and even inspired by the gods and goodness.

The Bengali parents prefer the name of the child who embodies the good hopes and aspirations for the bright future of children. Go ahead and jump in a variety of the most popular Bengali baby names for girls and boys with meanings.