Muslim Names with Meaning

Are you looking for a perfect Muslim Name for your Newborn Baby? Here you can find all the perfect Muslim names with Meaning for your beloved child.

AroojGirlRising, Exaltation (بلندی، ترقی)
AnsaGirlLoving (محبت کرنے والی)
RajabBoyVery Courageous (بڑے حوصلے والا)
AkbarBoyBiggest, Great (بہت بڑا، عظیم)
BakhtawarGirlFortunate (خوش قسمت)
AbdalBoyHelper or Servant (خدمت گار)
AniaGirlGrace (فضل)
AftabBoySun (سورج)
AnitaGirlFavourite (پسندیدہ)

The name is a gift received after placing the item on the floor. This is the prayer of our elders, and it becomes our identity. Assuming he was born into a family, he is called “Tazeen”, which means “decoration”. When she grew up, this became her identity.

The long-term existence of human beings cannot be praised with one word, but is often praised with words that solve human existence; this is the result of the most sacred God ’s magical QUINFAYAQUN, and he must decorate the huge influence on them. It was renovated and renovated.

The name age is a reference to our lives, but in fact, it is not a reference. Sudan wants their children to have a strong, anonymous name, even if their children are advised; not recommended or praised. Praise in the form of a name is an affirmation or blessing to a child.

If you describe your son as brave, your child may focus on his true courage. That’s why you should always explain your name to your child to be affected and praised every time they are called. Tell them what they have, what it means and how to fit them. This is the first stone you can rest assured of your child.

It is important to choose the right name for your beloved child and have the appropriate meaning. Once you understand the importance and importance of a name, the next step is to start looking for it.

Muslim Names Overview

Born in a Muslim family is a good idea because the newborn introduces the family by putting “ears” on the ears and pronounce the appropriate Islamic names in the relevant sense. An Islamic name is any name that has the proper meaning or meaning.

Muslims like to name their children after the name of the prophet, the prophet’s wife Sophie, or the valley, so when they grow up, the role of the name is expressed by the similarity between the child and his surname.
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