English Names with Meaning

Are you looking for a perfect English Name for your Newborn Baby? Here you can find all the perfect English Names with Meaning for your beloved child.

ElizabethGirlPledged to God
RyanBoyLittle King
JohnBoyGod is Gracious
MichaelBoyWho is like God

English Names

The name in English is the name used or derived from the United Kingdom. In England and other parts of the English-speaking world, full names generally consist of a specific name (usually called a surname or Christian name) and a surname or surname (more common in parental families), also known by a surname. Many names can be provided, sometimes called other names or intermediates.

Most of the specific names used in England do not contain words derived from English. The most traditional names are Hebrew (Daniel, David, Elizabeth, Susan), Greek (Nicholas, Dorothy, George, Helen), the Germanic name used to transfer the old French / Norman (Robert, Richard, Gertrude, Charlotte) or Latin ( Adrian), Amelia, Patrick.

The specific names for the actual use of the English language are still limited (see Anglo-Saxon name); Examples include Alfred, Ashley, Edgar, Edmund, Edward, Edwin, Harold and Oswald. A prominent feature of the name in English is that the least important name is used as a specific name, used to say political support or sponsorship.

Now, many examples have become natural names because parents like them and lose political consciousness. Most of them are male names, such as Cecil, Gerald, Howard, Percy, Montage, Stanley or Gordon. Although some of the names are female versions, like Cecilia or Geraldine. There are almost no equations in other languages, although Roman Catholics use the title as Xavier.

For most of the nineteenth century, the most famous names were Mary and John or William, and they represented girls and boys. During modern times, the difference in specific names was small; During this period, the three most common male names formed approximately 50% of the male population.