John Name Meaning and Origin

What Does John mean?

John is an English Boy Name. John name meaning is “God is gracious”. It is originating from the Hebrew language. On this page, you will get all the related information about the name John like Name Number, Lucky Color, and Impression, etc.

A general assessment of the Personality and Passion of people with the name John is also mentioned below. Astrological or Horoscopic Facts are very popular these days. The Ruling Planet and Life stone of the name John are also listed below in the table.

John name Summary

John name meaning is discussed here briefly. The passion of John name meaning is also mentioned here.

Name: John John Name Origin: Hebrew
John Name Meaning John name meaning is “God is gracious”
Religion Judaism
Gender Male
Name/Density Number Number 2 Surprising Facts
Lucky Color Orange
Life Stone Pearl, Moon Stone
Passion of Life Highly considerate, sensitive and intuitive.
Ruling Planet Moon

Related Names

Rayan David Daniel
Michael Ezra Alexander
William Elizabeth James

Numerology of the name John

Numerology Table Chart
It is the framework of your personality. This Numerology Chart shows the basic information about who you are and why you have come to this world.

Numerology is the study of the mystical relationship between our life and numbers. These numbers can be used to evaluate the personality, life and even predict someone’s future. John name meaning numerology is calculated below:

Name Number or Destiny Number:

Name Number is derived from all the letters of your name.

JOHN = 1 + 6 + 8 + 5 = 20 = 2 + 0 = 2

Describes our character and inner strength.
2 = Kindness, sensitivity, gentleness.

Soul urge number or Heart’s desire: 

The soul urge number is derived from the vowels of your name.

O = 6 = 6

Describes our inner ideals and hidden desires.
6 = The desire for peace, harmony, and balance.

Personality number: 

The personality number is derived from the consonants of your name.

JHN = 1 + 8 + 5 = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5

Describes the real value of our character.
5 = Constant movement, a lot of experience.

Personality of the name John

In Alphabetical OR Letter Analysis of the name John, you will get all the characteristics of every single alphabet or letter in the name John. In John name meaning; Alphabetical OR Letter Analysis provides a very deep study of the name’s personality. We hope you enjoy it.

Letters Characteristics of John Name Meaning
J You want to have everything you like. And you seem to achieve these things.
O You are a closed person. You like to enjoy your privacy & keeping secrets. You do not want to justify yourself to the people.
H You wish for an ordinary life. Being cool when things go wrong is your ordinary/natural ability.
N You have a higher ability in life and a great common sense. You see the thing much before then they happen.

History of John Name Meaning

The English form of the Iohannes and the Latin form of the Greek name ωωννης (Ioannis) are themselves derived from the Hebrew name יוֹחָנָן (Yushanan), which means “The Lord is merciful”. It is derived from Hebrew; In the word God (Chanan) means “generous.” Hebrew forms appear in the Old Testament (John or John ’s spelling in English), but the name is due to his two characters in the New Testament And popular, they are all respected saints.

The first was John the Baptist, a Jewish ascetic, considered a pioneer of Jesus. He was baptized and later executed by Herod Antipas. The second is the apostle John, traditionally considered the author of the Fourth Gospel and Revelation. Together with the apostles Peter and James (his brother), he was part of Jesus’ heart.

The name was initially more popular among Eastern Christians in the Byzantine Empire but became popular in Western Europe after the First Crusade. It became very popular in England, usually the most common male name from the 13th to the 20th centuries (but sometimes it was replaced by William). In the ensuing medieval period, about one in five British boys was awarded this qualification. In the United States, it was the most commonly used name for boys until 1923.

It is named after 21 popes and 8 Byzantine emperors and rulers of England, France, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Russia, and Hungary (in different spellings). It was also composed of the poet John Milton (1608-1674), the philosopher John Locke (1632-1704), the founding fathers of the United States and President John Adams (1735-1826) and the poet John Keats (1795-1821) bear.

The most famous heirs of the 20th century include the writer John Steinbeck (1902-1968), the American president and musician John Lennon, who assassinated John Kennedy (1917-1963), 1940-1980).

Ian (Scotland), Sean (Ireland) and Evan (Wales) forms are also often used in the English-speaking world, as is the medieval Jack.

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