how to check zong number detail code – CNIC without balance

5 best methods to check any Zong registered phone number in a few minutes. How to check zong number detail and location on CNIC. Dail code is given below.


how to check zong number detail

Don’t worry, if you don’t know how to check the Zong number. In this article, we will help you to know any zong cell phone number. There are 5 easy methods to check a number without balance.

This means without any charges or with 0 Balance you can still verify or check Zong number, and the owner of the mobile connection. For more information, please visit: best sneaker proxy

Method 1 – Dial Code

Use this Code Method to check zong number details. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your smartphone dialer
  2. Dial code *8# in your phone dialer
  3. Your number will have appeared on your phone screen.
  4. Other Codes: *2# and *5#
How to check zong number with code method

Method 2 – using Zong USSD

Zong USSD method is super easy to check zong number detail. Follow these steps:

  1. Just type *100# in your phone’s dialer
  2. A few options will appear on the screen
  3. Select 1 and that’s it
  4. Zong will send your number to your friend with your number, mentioned in the message.

Method 3 – via SMS

You can check any registered zong sim number via sms by sending a message to 667.

  1. Open your phone’s Message Box
  2. Type MNP in the message body
  3. Send a message at 667
  4. You will get the required zong phone number details.

Method 4 – Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)

PTA provides an online system for all users. You can check your phone number anytime.

  1. Check all the details of any Network at PTA Official Website.
  2. You can also check the Sim Details by CNIC using
check the Sim Details by CNIC using

Method 5 – Zong Helpline

If you are not interested in the above methods, you can select another very easy way to check the zong number.

  1. Dial 310 from your mobile phone
  2. Ask about your Sim number details to Zong Customer’s Support Agent.
  3. They will give all the details like Zong Sim Owner, registered Zong Number Address and also the Sim Number.

Zong Terms and Conditions

  • You will Get any Zong sim number on your phone screen for free
  • You can check only the registered and active sim
  • Codes can change any time by network provider (zong), Please check the official Zong website if the code above has error.
  • You can call Zong helpline for further information
  • Also, you can check the Zong Sim Number, Zong Sim Owner, User registered address and Location of any Zong Number or Zong Sim by calling the Zong helpline

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About Zong

Zong is one of the favorite mobile networks in Pakistan. Also, it is one of the best telecom companies in Pakistan branded by CMPak Limited. It started in 2008 by Milicom and a few months ago, Zong successfully tested the 5G service in some areas of the country.

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