Stefi Mavididi: escaped from Arsenal and Juventus to become a Montpellier star

At the current Arsenal, the issue of a quality attacking footballer is acute, on whom Mikel Arteta could rely not only now, but at least in the medium term. 32-year-old Gabonese Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang “gunners” chose to release as a free agent not so long ago, more than toiling with the African and his antics. 30-year-old Alexandre Lacazette is not showing the performance that is expected of him. 

26-year-old Nicolas Pepe is simply an example of the misuse of money, and 20-year-old Gabriel Martinelli is still too young and unstable to say anything definite about his future. What do you think about his future? You can download betting app and make your predictions.

It is not surprising that in January, Serbian striker Dusan Vlahovic was rumored to marry Arsenal, but in the end he decided to stay in Italy, replacing Fiorentina with Juventus. Turintsy, by the way, are also directly related to the striker, which the author wants to talk about in this material. It was the “Old Lady” in the summer of 2018 who did not regret 1.5 million euros for the purchase from Arsenal of the then 20-year-old winger Stefi Mavididi, who for some reason was written off in London. But in Turin, the Englishman with Congolese roots was also not developed to the level of a full-fledged player of the first team, and now they are forced to spend 70 million euros on Vlahovic, and not manage at such a difficult moment with internal reserves.

So, Stefi Mavididi. He was born in Derby, and began playing football in the youth team of Southend United, from where he moved to the Arsenal academy at the age of 13. In London, the attacking player was considered very untalented, but they did not dare to let him play as a basis. Traditionally, for talented young people, Mavididi went through a rental path – he was loaned to Charlton and Preston. Actually, Stefi was not bad in these teams, but he didn’t shine either, moreover, injuries significantly complicated his career at this stage. In the camp of the “red thrushes”, Mavididi twice retired for a significant period – first missed about three months due to a torn thigh muscle, and then spent about two months in the infirmary due to problems with his hamstring.

“At some point, I realized that my time at Arsenal had come to an end. I spent eight years there, but then I got a call from Juventus and I was in seventh heaven – it was an amazing feeling. I spoke to a scout who told me that he had been watching my performances for a while. He said that he remembers all my best matches over the past three years. It was cool, since even I couldn’t remember the episodes he liked from my game. When the call came from Juventus, how could I refuse? I didn’t think for a long time. I liked the project and the opportunity to learn more. I remember the first training session with the main team like it was yesterday. That was the first time I saw Cristiano Ronaldo,” said Mavididi.

“I remember before the match with SPAL I was the last one out of the locker room, and Allegri asked:“ Are you ready? ”, To which I said:“ Of course, I am ready. I couldn’t wait to get on the field. In the 69th minute I replaced Moise Keane and it was a day I will never forget. The fact that Allegri released me in the first team gave me great confidence in my abilities and showed that the coach believes in me, ”said Mavididi.

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