When did t20 cricket start

Twenty20 is a short cricket format that is very popular among sports betting enthusiasts. In this article we will talk about the origin of this cricket format, the largest championships of this type and its history. Below we will consider when did t20 cricket start and also about the rules of the game and bets.

Cricket is believed to have originated in the southeast of England. In the historical chronicles of King Edward I, a game similar to cricket is often mentioned, with which the residents of the county of Kent amused themselves in the 13th century.

The word “cricket” itself could have come from the word “cric” – that was the name of the curved shepherd’s stick. It was used to lock the gate that led to the pasture. Cricket was mainly played by young peasants, and the game is said to have been known in continental Europe before the game became widespread in England in the 17th century.

In the early 60s of the 18th century, the first cricket club was formed in the town of Hambledon, Hampshire. The team from this county was the strongest club in the country for 25 years. No one could hit as hard and throw the ball as sharply as the people of Hampshire.

Soon the center of English cricket moved to London: on the Dorset fields someone Thomas Lord opened a playground. Lord’s Cricket Stadium, the cradle of cricket in its modern form, now stands on approximately the same spot in the British capital.


The main roles of the game

The two leading roles (bowler and batsman) are played alternately by all players of both teams. The first bowler can complete no more than six deliveries, which are collectively called an over. 

The ball is served by a player of one team and reflected by a representative of the other, both of them are in their own, opposite playing zones, located at the ends of the pitch.  Immediately after hitting the ball with the bat (non-contact game), the batsman can run to the opposite wicket and touch the ground behind it with something, then he can hurry back. Runs bring glasses. 

But it can remain in place if the bounced ball flies far enough: to the edge of the pitch – 4 points, beyond its border – 6. During the match, all players are spread out over the entire field, and only two representatives serve and receive the ball in different teams.

Origins of Twenty20 Cricket

It was then that the dynamic and exciting Twenty20 format was adopted, which allows the public to enjoy high-octane and spectacular action.

To date, the popular English T20 Blast cricket tournament is held in Britain. This championship has a multi-million army of fans, constantly following the events of the tournament and rooting for their favorites.

Distribution and promotion of Twenty20 cricket

And although England is the birthplace of this cricket format, it has spread far beyond the borders of this country. After the first sensational match at Lord Stadium, this cricket format gained recognition in Pakistan. The domestic national Twenty20 Cup featured 11 teams featuring top cricketers from Pakistan. The final match of the Championship was attended by more than 35 thousand spectators, which only confirms the popularity and stunning success of t20 cricket .

In parallel, this format of cricket was gaining popularity in Australia. More than 25,000 spectators gathered for the game between the Western Warriors and the Victorian Bushrangers in Perth.

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