Osama Name Meaning and Origin


What Does Osama mean?

Osama is a Muslim Boy Name. Osama name meaning is “Lion, Feline Predator, Brave(اپنائیت کا سلوک کرنے والا)“. It is originating from the Arabic language. On this page, you will get all the related information about the name Osama like Name Number, Lucky Color, and Impression, etc.

A general assessment of the Personality and Passion of people with the name Osama is also mentioned below. Astrological or Horoscopic Facts are very popular these days. The Ruling Planet and Life stone of the name Osama are also listed below in the table.

Osama name Summary

Osama name meaning is discussed here briefly. Also, the passion of the Osama name meaning is also mentioned here.

Name: Osama Osama Name Origin: Arabic
Osama Name Meaning Osama name meaning is “Lion, Feline Predator, Brave(اپنائیت کا سلوک کرنے والا)“.
Gender Male
Name/Density Number Number 4 Surprising Facts
Lucky Color Green
Life Stone Light Blue Sapphire, Garnet
Passion of Life Determination, perseverance, and self-discipline.
Ruling Planet Sun

Related Names

Anita Zubair Aftab
Azalfa Rajab Ashir
Anjla Asghari Ayesha

Numerology of the name Osama

Numerology Table Chart
It is the framework of your personality. This Numerology Chart shows the basic information about who you are and why you have come to this world.

Numerology is the study of the mystical relationship between our life and numbers. These numbers can be used to evaluate personality, life, and even predict someone’s future. Osama name meaning numerology is calculated below:

Name Number or Destiny Number:

Name Number is derived from all the letters of your name.

OSAMA = 6 + 1 + 1 + 4 + 1 = 13 = 1 + 3 = 4

Describes our character and inner strength.
4 = Responsibility, organizational talent.

Soul urge number or Heart’s desire: 

The soul urge number is derived from the vowels of your name.

OAA = 6 + 1 + 1 = 8

Describes our inner ideals and hidden desires.
8 = The desire to succeed, especially in a practical, yet unusual activity.

Personality number: 

The personality number is derived from the consonants of your name.

SM = 1 + 4 = 5

Describes the real value of our character.
5 = Constant movement, a lot of experience.

Personality of the name Osama

In Alphabetical OR Letter Analysis of the name Osama, you will get all the characteristics of every single alphabet or letter in the name Osama. In Osama name meaning; Alphabetical OR Letter Analysis provides a very deep study of the name’s personality. We hope you enjoy it.

Letters Characteristics of Osama Name Meaning
O You are a closed person. You like to enjoy your privacy & keeping secrets. You do not want to justify yourself to the people.
S You like to imagine things and when you do so, you have great fun. This would not scare you even if you do it again & again.
A Your sense of analyzing life is very stronger and you are a reasonable person too.
M You are successful and smart. You are very interested in a business like trade and be a successful businessman.
A Your sense of analyzing life is very stronger and you are a reasonable person too.

History of Osama Name Meaning

The name Osama ranked 9,383 among American boys in 2018, which is rare in the United States. Osama would be a cool and unique choice of name. Her highest popularity ranking is # 1649, which appeared 65 times in 1999. Osama has the lowest number of children, under the age of five, the last of whom was in 2010.
Osama (Arabic: Osama, Osama), alternate writing Osama, Osama, and Usama, derived from the origin of the Arabic word ASM Alif Sin Mim, meaning the person with more or fewer names, and much of the Arabic language called the male after the name “the lion” which is considered Of the most prestigious animals.

From this perspective, the Latin name Augustus for Osama and Augustus is equivalent to “official”. In the Hebrew language, the roots are reduced from the primitive * Jews to the primitive Asian and African creatures. Each side represents some aspect of the animal. Since 2001, the name has dropped sharply in popularity, mainly due to negative links with al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden.

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